Welcome to St. Luke’s Guesthouse

St. Luke’s Guesthouse provides Christian hospitality to those in need of temporary shelter. We are here to provide a quiet place to stay while guests work on their problems, especially getting into permanent housing. Since very simple beginnings as a private effort in March of 2013; we have now become a non-profit public charity (501c3). With community support and funding we will be able to expand our services and better meet the needs of the homeless in our area.

The Need:  We are the only homeless shelter in southern Worcester County. Each night there are dozens of men, women, and children out on the streets, in great need. Sadly, we often get calls asking for help but are forced to turn people away.  We hope that with expanded services and greater community involvement  we can more effectively serve those in need. No human being should be without decent shelter–it is one of the most basic human rights.

Whom Do We Serve?:  The Guesthouse is open to anyone in need of temporary shelter as long as they are willing to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol and follow commonsense household rules.

Join Us: We need your help and support to do this work. Please consider standing with us to serve the homeless in our community. Become a Friend of St. Luke’s. Just go to our Contact page and let us know that you’d like to join us and support the House. Thanks!

Vacancies: If you or someone you love is in need of temporary shelter, give us a call at 774-230-6416.


Please consider helping our work providing shelter for those among us who are homeless. It’s easy–just click on the green “Give Online” button above on the right. No gift is too small. We need your help to keep the doors of St. Luke’s Guesthouse open. Thanks!

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